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Leadership Search Partners Goes Green!

In alliance with many of our clients, Leadership Search Partners endeavors to reduce our carbon footprint in a variety of ways. We recognize that as a community, we have come a long way; now it is standard to digitize documents and cut down on paper. But we recognize that there is more to be done.

Here are some of the ways our firm is conserving energy and resources:

  • Turn off equipment when it's not being used, such as our computers, lights, fans.
  • Reduce printing, and when we do, print on recycled paper, re-use as scrap paper, and then recycle.
  • Use green vendors and recycled products.
  • Share desks and allow our search consultants to work at home, where they are more likely to use fewer resources, such as water, energy, and fuel.
  • While travel to meetings with clients is necessary for our business, we hold teleconferences, use cars that get great mileage, use public transport, or carpool when possible.
  • Compost (Though it must be admitted that our office building has not yet advanced to hosting worm bins.)
  • Keep the heat at the lowest possible temperature when needed, and sometimes use blankets to keep warm on chilly days.
  • Do not have Air Conditioning.
  • Use refillable water bottles.
  • Recycle ink cartridges.
  • Donate to offset carbon footprint.

We hope that you will join us in raising the bar for environmental responsibility.

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