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The overall caliber and talent of the candidates presented to us is really remarkable.

Development Director Searches

While it is not difficult to find articles and entire books written about executive director succession and transition planning, most organizations will much more frequently face a change in top fundraising leadership than in the CEO slot. We all know the gruesome facts: the average turnover rate for fundraising staff is 16 months according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The average direct and indirect cost of finding a replacement is $127,650. The question is not IF your Director of Development will leave, but HOW you can be prepared for this inevitable transition.

We face this issue a dozen times a year and are perfectly positioned to work with you to deal with your development director leadership transitions. 

Our firm has a record of success in placing nonprofit leaders in nonprofits across the SF Bay area, California and the West. Since the beginning of 2013, we have placed 59 leaders at nonprofits ranging in size from $1.5M to $80M, 21 of whom are C-level development leaders. We have a deep understanding of the needs of organizations in a leadership transition, and a great appreciation for the importance of the relationship between the executive director and the development executive. Please see a current listing of our searches in this practice area at the bottom of this page. 

Our firm works exclusively with nonprofit clients, and we have an excellent reputation, strong connections and a growing national reputation for our work. Our network is constantly growing and reaches deeply into the nonprofit leadership ranks. We dedicate considerable resources to candidate research: As a result of doing targeted research for every search, our network of candidates and contacts demonstrates breadth and depth. Our confidential candidate database has over 15,000 contacts, and increases every month and with every search.

We never believe we have “been there and done that.” We have a deep understanding of fund development practices, management and organizational development that we bring to our work.  Still every development leadership search is a learning opportunity for us, and we approach every client with fresh eyes and the knowledge that the same job can require very different skills and personal characteristics every time it is filled. We do not rely on a stale database or on circulating job announcements amongst the usual suspects. We start fresh with every search and aggressively seek out candidates who are a match for your exact needs because development director searches are a large and growing part of what we do, we have the opportunity to network and build connections with a broad cross-section of high level development leaders across the West that we can reach out to in our search to find you the best person to lead development at your organization.

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Please feel free to contact our Managing Director Scott Staub at or by calling our offices at 510-542-2922 to learn more about our development leadership search Leadership Search Partners.

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